Humane Education

The Society’s professionally trained, credentialed Humane Education Teacher provides classroom presentations to all grade levels at local elementary schools. The goals of the program are to teach compassion and respect for all living creatures, to teach proper care of domestic animals, and to protect wildlife and the environment. To receive more information on this program, or to schedule a presentation, please contact Lynn Hildebrand at (909)386-1400, extension 220.

Roadhouse Biker Church visit

We recently spent a day spent visiting with members of the Roadhouse Biker Church at Read Across America – Dr. Seuss Day at Alice Birney Elementary School.

JJ ( a mini horse) and Joyce, Titan (a 197 pound English Mastiff) and Carole, and Rumor (a Rottweiler) and Lisa. Not pictured are the rabbits, Squirrel and Peanut and Kristen.

Members of Pet Partners and our Humane Education staff had a terrific time visiting Alice Birney to participate in their Read Across America Day!

The expression “The Power of One” was inspired by an article written by Jane Goodall for Time Magazine on Monday, August 26, 2002. In the article Ms. Goodall wrote, “The greatest danger to our future is apathy. You may be overcome, however, by feelings of helplessness. You are just one person in a world of 6 billion. How can your actions make a difference? Best, you say, to leave it to decision makers. And so you do nothing. Can we overcome apathy? Yes, but only if we have hope. We have huge power. Each of us must work as hard as we can now to heal the hurts and save what is left.”

To read the complete article, visit Time.com

Animals, Community, and Healing

Katherine Gigandet and Lisa Medina, together with Pilot, Haylee Sue, and Rumor, are an integral part of the Humane Society’s Humane Education program.

“Meet Pilot!”

“Meet Haylee Sue!”

“Meet Rumor!”

What is Spaying and Neutering?

Would you like to sponsor the purchase of the book our humane educator uses in classrooms, What is Spaying and Neutering? And Why Should Pets Have These Operations? In easy-to-understand text and engaging pictures, it explains the huge problems of pet overpopulation and what can be accomplished for animals when we act as responsible pet owners. If ordered in a quantity of 500 or more, these books are only $1.00 each! Would you like to provide this book to hundreds of local school children in grades K-6?

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